‘समाचार र विचारको
साझा चौतारी’

Situation of seed production in Nepal

Seed is a fertilized mature ovule that posses’ embryonic plants, stored food materials and a protective coat (testa), which is viable and has capacity to germinate. Seed material includes all vegetatively propagated materials like

Tubers of potato
Bulb of onion and garlic
Rhizome of turmeric and zinger
Roots of yam and cassava
Sets of sugarcane
Cutting of flowers and fruits
Grafts of fruits
Seed production is done for raising new crop which should be viable, having embryo. During seed production strict attention must be given for maintenance of genetic purity and other qualities of seed in order to exploit the full dividends sought to be obtained by introduction of new superior crop plant varieties. Seed production must be carried under standard and well-organized condition. Seed production is based on two principles.

Genetic principle
Developmental variation
Mechanical mixture
Natural crossing
Minor genetic variation
Selective influence of disease
Agronomic principle
Selection of suitable agro-climatic zone
Selection of land
Isolation distance of seed crop
Preparation of the land
Selection of the variety
Intercultural operation
Seed testing
Only certain agencies and organization in Nepal produce quality hybrid and breeder seed which is insufficient for farmers. So, country has to import the large amount of seed in high cost. Some farmers are only able to buy imported seed where as maximum farmers must use the local seed which is low in quality and productivity. After involvement of large number of people in farming but also the import of grains is large. Due to high demand of quality seed and less supply have created the opportunity for frauds. So duplicate seed are found more everywhere having fake certification due to which we hear the news like seed did not germinate.

Seed plays important role in agricultural revolution. So country should give more emphasize on establishment of seed center for fulfillment of seed demand.krishipatrika/from,२४ कार्तिक, २०७७

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