Organic mission vegetable cultivation in Dadeldhura

By Our Correspondent,Dadeldhura, June 14: Organic mission vegetables have been cultivated in Deduldhura.

The organic farming has been done without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides in the district.

The Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Deduldhura, has been conducting organic mission vegetable production for the past three years.

The organic mission vegetables are being cultivated with the aim of producing various vegetables, including potatoes using Kothe compost manure and pesticides made from local herbal plants.

The organic vegetables have been cultivated in around 120 ropanis of land under organic mission vegetables in Amargadhi Municipality-1, Tadibata and Thulikhali.

As the use of pesticides destroys the fertility of the soil along with human health, the organic mission of vegetable farming has been expanded in the district, said Ram Chandra Bhatta, acting chief of the Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Dadeldhura.

Under the organic mission vegetable production, farmer Datta Raj Awasthi of Tadibata has been cultivating tomatoes, green leaf vegetables, brinjals along with the original seed production of potatoes by making plastic tunnels.

He has also cultivated cucumbers.

Farmer Awasthi is producing potato seeds by establishing a company named ‘Bhageshwar Agriculture and Life Star Pvt. Ltd.

Under the mission programme, the Centre has supported the firm with Rs. 3 million in three years.

Farmers have been producing vegetables by constructing irrigation and plastic tunnels with the support of the Agriculture Knowledge Centre.

Bhatta said that there is a problem in transportation of vegetables produced in Thulikhali. Due to unpaved roads, it is closed when it rains.

“There is no time to repair the road. Because of that, there are problems in transportation of vegetables,” he said.

He said that a mission programme had been conducted to increase the commercial production of vegetables and fruits in Dadeldhura.

Similarly, Agriculture Knowledge Centre is supporting the vegetable farmers with subsidy by designating Chief Minister Model Vegetable Production Villages in Ganyapadhura Rural Municipality and Parshuram Municipality.The Rising Nepal


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