Vulture feeding centre under construction in Rajapani forest

By Janu Pandey,Kapilvastu, June 24: A vulture feeding centre is being constructed at Rajapani Community Forest in Banganga Municipality-3, Kapilvastu district. The community forest, with the support from the local government and other organisations, is preparing to establish and operate the feeding centre.

The forest, known for having the highest number of vulture nests in the district, will be the location for this centre.

Mayor Chakrapani Aryal of Banganga Municipality expressed that the municipality will invest in the operation of the centre, recognising the forest as a model for vulture conservation.

Around Rs. 3.5 million is expected to be invested in the first year of its operation. Previously, the community forest collected carcasses of domesticated animals from the surrounding settlements and provided them as food to the vultures in the forest area. This initiative resulted in the vultures establishing nests in the vicinity.

Dhakaram Adhikari, the former chairman of the forest, stated that the plan is to operate a feeding centre that will care for old, weak, and sick quadrupeds. After their natural passing, these animals will be utilised as a food source for the vultures.

Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), which has been involved in vulture protection since 2009, is offering technical support for this project. According to the 2022 census, there were 113 vulture nests in the Rajapani area of the district. A vulture produces a single egg in a year. Last April, a total of 84 eggs were hatched.

The district is also home to the endangered species of White-rumped vulture and Slender-billed vulture, which have found suitable habitats in the area.The Rising Nepal

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