Purnanda Sharma, a warrior of the democratic movement, passed away

Mechinagar. Purnanda Sharma Dahal (PN), a resident of Kamal rural municipality (5 Mangargare), Jhapa, passed away on Monday.
Congress Jhapa Secretary Krishna Humagai said that 88-year-old Dahal, who had been ill for a few days, died at Birta City Hospital in Birtamod today at 4:30 pm. The hospital provided all treatment to Dahal free of cost.He was jailed several times during all kinds of underground and democracy movements, and he was known as a full-fledged and reclusive leader of Congress Jhapa. Sharma, who became the chairman of Congress Jhapa in the year 2042, was also a candidate in the parliamentary elections from Jhapa region number 5.The late Dahal, who lost his life five years ago, has three sons, Vinod, Pramod, Amod and a daughter, Pramila. Along with the party, he also contributed to local social organizations.According to family sources, the body of late Dahal will be cremated in the sacred Kankai River at 11 o’clock on Tuesday, the 12th of today.