Improved sanitation and hand washing habits in school

Sri Primary School, situated in ward 13 of Ishorpur Municipality was suffering from the scarcity of safe drinking water and affecting the learning opportunities of students due to safe drinking water and clean toilet. It was difficult for all students and teachers to maintain school premises clean due to the scarcity of water.

Transformation Nepal was requested to solve the water scarcity of school. The school identified a well, the source of water nearby the school but it was difficult to collect water from that well so School requested to community people to provide water from that well to the school children. With joint consultation of the school management committee and community people, Transformation Nepal supported to instill the water pump machine (electric motor) in the well and pull the water from the ground level to water collection drum. The collected water of the drum is now used by students and teachers for drinking and cleaning the toilet.

Ram Dular Fanout, the chairperson of the school management committee says that 170 students and 5 teachers are happy to have the safe drinking water and a sufficient amount of water for toilet purpose too. He further added that sufficient water helped them to repair the broken and cracked ground floor with warm flooring carpets and cushions. Now it has been easier to keep the classroom clean. After having such clean classrooms, the students have learned to keep toilets clean, wash hands and drink safe water.

In the picture: A student with water bucket to keep the toilet clean.



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