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Tanahun farmers happy after their potatoes are sold from farms

By Amar raj Naharki,Tanahun, Mar. 22: Potatoes produced by farmers in Tanahun have been sold for industrial purposes.

The farmers were happy after the potatoes were sold as per the purchase agreement even before they harvested potatoes.

An agreement was made between the farmers and the company preparing potato dishes before the potatoes were harvested.

According to the Agricultural Knowledge Centre, Tanahun, the potatoes have been sold according to the agreement between the farmers and the company under the community-level potato promotion programme.

Chief of Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Tanahun, Gopal Prasad Lamichhane said that the sale was made according to the agreement between the potato-producing farmer groups, cooperatives, AKC, Tanahun, local municipality and First Choice Foods Pvt. Ltd. Rupandehi.

He said that the farmers were excited after the programme was implemented for the first time in the district.

Lamichhane said, “We provided free pesticides, transportation, training and technical assistance to the potato-producing group cooperatives.”

According to the centre, subsidies from 75 to 85 per cent have been managed under the potato promotion programmes.

Farmers were encouraged after they were provided a 75 per cent subsidy on potato seeds, which reduced the production cost.

Kiran Pariyar, information officer of the centre, said that according to the agreement, potatoes planted in an area of 1,000 ropanis of land through 12 different farmer groups in the were sold.

He said that potatoes of various varieties, including Khumal Ujjwal, Khumal Bikas and Janakdev certified by the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) were sold.

He said the potatoes were sold at Rs. 25 per kg from the farmers’ field. Out of this, the company paid Rs. 23 and the centre Rs. 2 per kg.

Although the potato imported from India is cheaper than the potato produced in Nepal, the company has made the purchase agreement to encourage Nepali farmers.

According to the Centre, based on the quantity produced by the farmers, the centre has provided an incentive amount of Rs. 2 per kg.

The main objective of this programme, which has been advanced by the Gandaki Province government, is to link production, processing and markets.

The centre expected that the programme would help promote commercial production in the coming year.

This year, the potato company is preparing to produce French fries and chips from the potatoes, and Khumal varieties of potatoes are suitable for that, Lamichhane said.

The farmers’ group demanded a contract for producing potatoes in 1,500 ropanis of land, but the company did not accept it in the geographically difficult areas, so a contract of 1,000 roapanis was made for this year.

According to Lamichhane, First Choice Foods Pvt. Ltd., set up with an investment of Rs. 2.5 billion, has started the production of French fries from local potatoes.

He said that the company purchased potatoes for commercial production after successful trial production on July 18, 2023.

It is said that the main product of the industry made from potatoes will be French fries, along with other dishes like potato tikki, potato burger, potato chips, potato samosa, potato pakoda.

For potato, which is a raw material needed by the industry, 200 tonnes of seeds were bought last year and experimental cultivation was carried out in Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Gulmi, Kapilvastu, Arghakhanchi, Rolpa, Bardia, Kailali, Dang and Palpa districts.The Rising Nepal


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