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Natikhola village welcomes life-changing household water supply system

By Our Correspondent,Bajura, June 16: Locals of Natikhola village in Himali Rural Municipality-2, in the northeast region of Bajura district, are jubilant following the recent installation of a household water supply system.

Residents of Natikhola, who previously endured an hour-long trek to fetch murky river water for drinking, now celebrate the installation of clean water pipes in their homes, made possible with financial support from the provincial government.

Bisukala Budha, a senior citizen of Natikhola Village, expressed his joy over having clean drinking water right at his doorstep. “Before this, we worried day and night about fetching water. Now, with the water supply system in place, that worry is a thing of the past,” he said.

Previously, due to the scarcity of clean water, even household sanitation was compromised. With improved access to water, cleanliness has returned, and there is newfound hope for cultivating barren lands near our homes.

Dharamkala Budha, another resident, highlighted the broader social impact, noting that access to clean water has alleviated challenges previously faced by women in the community.

Mana Budha, Chairman of the Natikhola Drinking Water Construction Consumer Committee, reported that the provincial government allocated Rs 1.2 million in the fiscal year 2019/20 to install water pipes in 40 homes across Natikhola village. This initiative has effectively connected households to a reliable water source from the Natikhola Spring, located about three kilometres away.

Ran Bahadur Budha, Ward Chairman of Himali Rural Municipality-2, emphasised the significance of this project in resolving a long-standing issue that has plagued the community for generations.

Raj Bahadur Bhandari, Chief Administrative Officer of Himali Rural Municipality, affirmed the municipality’s commitment to addressing fundamental needs such as road infrastructure, drinking water, health and education. He stated, “Our priority is improving the quality of life for residents, and we allocate resources annually to achieve these goals.”

Looking ahead, Bhandari reassured that efforts would continue to ensure access to clean drinking water for all villages under Himali Rural Municipality.

The completion of this water supply project marks a significant milestone for Natikhola Village, promising a brighter future with improved health, sanitation and agricultural opportunities for its residents.The Rising Nepal


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