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Umesh passes SEE writing with leg

Gajendra Gurung,Khajura, July 3: Umesh Khatri from Banke’s Raptisonari Rural Municipality is physically impaired. The 18-year-old boy cannot use both his hands and his legs are also not perfect.

But Khatri passed this year’s SEE scoring a 2.92 GPA from local Laxmi Secondary School Madui, writing with his leg. Of the 47 students who appeared in the technical stream of SEE, only seven, including Umesh, passed while only five of 58 who appeared in the SEE under the general stream got through it.

Khatri was unable to move his arms and legs by birth. His parents took him to Kathmandu for treatment when he was five or six years old, only then did he start moving a little.

“People pity my condition, I understand where they are coming from, but I don’t feel disabled because of my state, I am strong mentally,” said Khatri.

He further said, “Because of my physical state I do sometimes feel sad that I need help with basic works like eating, urinating, dressing and washing, however, passing the SEE, which a lot of my physically capable friends couldn’t, has given me confidence. I am also grateful for everyone, including my family, friends and teachers, who have taken good care of me.”

“The doctor has said my hand cannot be treated in Nepal and my family is not financially capable of taking me abroad for medical treatment. I like to live like a normal person, if someone could help me out, I would be very grateful,” said Khatri.

“I use a mobile phone, use Facebook and other social networks. I use a computer and write, it’s possible. However, writing for a long time is difficult, I can’t stand for a long time and can’t even walk,” Khatri added.

He stated that he wanted to study for the eleventh grade in a better college of the city. He said, “If someone helps me, I want to join a good school in city and study more. But I can’t even go alone, I will have to go with my mother to take care of me, and it will cost double.”

Laxman Acharya, principal of Lakshmi Secondary School, said that Umesh has been a diligent, and courageous student since his childhood.

Umesh said that after studying for higher education, he wants to get a government job in the future to support his family’s financial situation and serve the country.

The financial situation of Umesh’s parents is normal. His mother works on her farm while the father is away from the district as a government employee. He also has a brother.

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