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Pyuthan farmers provided buffalo calves

By Our Correspondent,Bijuwar, July 8: Sarumarani Rural Municipality in Pyuthan district has distributed buffalo calves to the farmers.

According to the rural municipality, buffalo calves were distributed to the animal husbandry farmers under a programme entitled ‘Village government with farmer’.

As per the provision of the policies and programme of the current fiscal year of the rural municipality, buffalo calves have been distributed to the 120 farmers with a 90 per cent of subsidy of the municipality and a 10 per cent investment of the farmers, said Mohammad Halim Haluwai, rural municipality member and coordinator of Economic Development Committee, of the rural municipality.

The calves were distributed in subsidies to attract farmers to buffalo farming and increase the income level of the farmers, he said.

“Farmers will take full advantage of it, and it will help increase milk production in Sarumarani and increase the income of farmers. All the distributed calves have been insured,” he said.

Keshab Giri, chief of the Animal Services Branch of the rural municipality, said that there is an agreement that the farmers who have received calves in subsidy would not be allowed to sell and distribute the animals for at least five years.

He said, “Every three months, we monitor the calves reaching the site and provide technical services to the farmers.”

He said that the rural municipality has been encouraging farmers to make the rural municipality self-reliant in meat, egg and dairy production through various subsidy programmes.

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