About us

With the main slogan of ‘Media Advocacy For Social Justice… Chautari Post Online.com (News Portal), which is traveling on a journey of unbiased communication with the sole goal of putting journalism into practice, is run by Chautari Media News Network Pvt. Ltd. This media is transmitting information with fearlessness by incorporating the spirit of people’s journalism. “We neither want to be distant from anyone nor close to anyone”.Our only aim is to transmit truth and facts information and ideas by incorporating the values, standards and ideals of impartial and independent journalism in favor of justice, equality and freedom. Chautari Post Online.com is being published as an online news portal, while Chautari Post Online TV is our official YouTube channel for broadcasting audio-visual content. We would also like to inform you that this online publication has been continuously published since 2074 while being registered with all the necessary agencies of the Nepal government for conducting online journalism. We always look forward to your valuable suggestions.