Political parties busy canvassing, farmers busy harvesting wheat

By Vijay Kumar Sah

Dhalkebar, Apr 20 : Political parties in Dhanusha are gearing up for the upcoming local level election. But their voters in villages are busy harvesting wheat.

When meetings, gatherings and interaction programmes of the political parties have increased the farmers can be seen busy harvesting wheat.

Some farmers are cutting wheat while others are threshing it and taking it to their houses. They are busy the whole day in their fields.

Now the season of wind, rain and hailstorm has arrived. If they do not harvest wheat in time then they risk losing their hard-earned grain to the hailstorm.

That’s why the farmers are away from the election campaign, said farmer Manoj Mahato of Mithila Municipality-3.

He added that all farmers are busy harvesting wheat so they were not concentrating in the election and the political programmes.

They said they would join the political programmes after completing the wheat harvesting work.

“Election has just started. We can still think about whom to vote but if we can’t take care of the wheat in time then we might have to go hungry,” said a farmer, Ram Pukar Yadav, of Ganeshman Charnath Municipality, Barmajhiya.

He added, “This time we will vote for the ones who understand the problems of the farmers. We will choose those who understand the real problems of the farmers instead of one who give only false assurances.

In the previous election, many used the slogans of providing irrigation facilities, fertilisers and farming tools but they did all that only to get elected as the problems of farmers remain the same now.”

Last year, 108,000 metric tonnes of wheat was produced from 36,000 hectares of land. But this year the production was likely to decrease to 102,000 metric tonnes due to lack of chemical fertilisers and damage caused by the winter rain, stated Chairperson of Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Shankar Prasad Sah.TheRisingNepal/from

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