Special Mehndi for fasting persons

The Rising Nepal
By Laxmi Chaudhary

Janakpurdham, Aug. 4: Every Monday in the period from mid-July to mid-August, a crowd of women is seen waiting to get their palms painted with mehndi in front of the Shiva temple at Shiv Chowk in Janakpurdham, Sub-Metropolitan City 2.

As soon as the month of July begins, a kind of excitement radiates from the women. They wear green-and-yellow-coloured bangles which are matched with the same coloured clothes, and each one has a different type of mehndi design on their palms.

The period is considered a symbol of greenery, and mehndi is also a kind of makeup material with medicinal properties made from green herbs extracted from nature. It not only reflects the art of Mithila but also inspires us to preserve nature and preserve our culture. Therefore, on the occasion, a Mithila painting programme organised by Janakpur Art and Craft has started a free mehndi campaign with the slogan “Go through nature” from the Monday of the second week of July.

Since most of the women’s palms are painted with mehndi in the months of July and August, the organiser launched a free mehndi campaign with the aim of applying mehndi to the people who come to worship at the temple, with special attention paid on Monday.

Mala Rai from Janakpurdham, who was fasting every Monday and waiting to get her hands painted with mehndi after offering her prayers at the temple said, “The joy of getting my palms painted with mehndi is special. Making the experience even more awesome is having that painted in Mithila Arts, all free of charge.”

Rosalin Bachhar, another woman, said, “These days, you can no longer get mehndi from trees, so people have no option but to depend on mehndi mixed with chemicals brought from the market.”

Mehndi containing chemicals is not only harmful to health, but the colour is not suitable and fades fast. By contrast, those made from the tree are both attractive and retain colour.

So far, more than 60 people have got their palms painted with mehndi in Campion, a design incorporating Nature and Mithila Art for the purpose of connecting art with nature, and a vast majority of them were fasting women accompanied by their men. Apart from having medicinal value, mehndi is thought to bring good luck, a reason why it is used in auspicious occasions. The organiser informed that the programme will continue until the last Monday of that period.


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